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Flooring Express is your local Tauranga flooring store and has been providing quality carpets to the Tauranga region for over a decade. Our flooring store has got you covered for Carpets, Vinyl, Wood & Laminate Flooring.

Best Range & Price

We sell & install all the very best brands of carpets, carpet tiles, vinyls, vinyl planks, timber and laminate hard floor coverings.

Range of Applications

We cover a broad range of flooring applications – from the smallest residential job, to larger commercial projects.

Best Advice & Value

We listen carefully to your requirements & give you the best possible advice and to have the best value for your dollar.

Only The Best Installers

We only use the very best flooring installation contractors who take pride in their workmanship, are reliable and on time.

Our popular flooring options.

Crazy XL

Crazy XL This is by far our most popular and cost-effective needlepunch carpet – Crazy XL is a very versatile needlepunch carpet and ideal for …

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Chateau Oak

Chateau Oak With a real European Oak surface, Chateau Oak provides a unique look for your home with true-to-life distinct knots and grain variation. The …

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Regal Oak

Regal Oak Regal Oak handcrafted has a distressed matte finish and round edges for a rustic look. The stunning colours are smoked rather than stained …

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Villa Villa highlights the authentic texture and grain of timber. Your floor becomes the focal point of your interior, with the unique pattern features of each …

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Atroguard AtroGuard® was specifically developed to combinethe natural wood element and rigidity of Laminateflooring while enjoying all the waterproof featuresof Luxury Vinyl products. The result …

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Amor Classic

Amor Classic Amor Classic not only harnesses the stylist nature of timber, these practical laminate planks also have a water resistance surface making it suitable …

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Your Locally & Owned & Operated Flooring Shop.

Whether you are in the Tauranga flooring market for carpet, vinyl, timber or laminate floor coverings – for your home or business – we have the best ranges, prices & expertise.

Flooring is made easy and affordable with our flooring experts. Speak to our staff working in our flooring shop in Tauranga for help with design, picking materials and trust that they can highly recommend the best options for your property to suit your lifestyle and aesthetic. From waterproof, scratch-resistant solutions to gorgeous timber flooring, Tauranga properties have been benefiting from our experienced approach to your floors for over ten great years. You tell us what kind of flooring you’re looking for, and our flooring shop will take you through the rest! We are well equipped to deal with contractors and big projects, as well as smaller and private residential flooring requirements. 

Our Brands

We stock a wide range of popular carpets, vinyls and laminate flooring brands.

Our Reviews

Paula Wilson
Paula Wilson
Thanks Craig and Carol for our lovely new floor. The process was much easier than I thought it would be. As soon as I talked to Craig on the phone I was impressed by his system for measuring and quotes and describing all the options. He organised the removal of our tiles and installation of the new laminate. I was very happy with both sets of contractors. They were professional, came on time - and very tidy! Even with the tile removal which I was dreading. Craig personally was easy to get hold of and efficiently dealt with any questions or small issues that arose. Highly recommend- Thanks again 😀
Martin Sydenham
Martin Sydenham
What great service - Craig came out the day before Christmas shutdown, gave us a competitive quote, and arranged installation of carpets immediately after Christmas to meet our tight schedule. Installers did a great job too, very clean and tidy. Recommended.
Conrad Cranfield
Conrad Cranfield
Craig from Flooring Express went above and beyond to organise an urgent carpet replacement for our new home. Not only did he manage to organise a very fast turn around, he provided excellent advice to match a carpet to our needs AND had the best pricing for our selected carpet out of any of the other quotes we got. Highly recommend.
Shelley Yeatman
Shelley Yeatman
Really good to deal with. Very quick with great prices. Thanks guys:)
Joy Cameron
Joy Cameron
I would highly recommend dealing with Flooring Direct Tauranga. They are such good people to deal with - nothing was any trouble. Wonderful
Penny Black
Penny Black
Just great people to deal with, very helpful, went above and beyond, pricing excellent, highly recommended.
Jen Dear
Jen Dear
Totally professional, prompt , courteous, good pricing and communication excellent from owner Craig. Best of 5 different companies/ people who quoted us and listened to our needs and delay we needed to have to get other things finished . Carpet went down two days ago and carpet layers were excellent..joins are not evident so standard very good. Have no hestitation recommending to anyone. Well done Craig . Cheers Jen and Len

Frequently Asked Questions

For more flooring care tips, talk to our experts on flooring in Tauranga at our Tauranga Flooring Shop.


Your new carpet is a fantastic investment to refresh your property and adds both value and comfort to a room. Taking care of it is easy with the right care and products.

Especially on pale carpets. Leaving a stain for a while until you get around to it will allow it to take root and work its way into the fibres of your carpet, creating a larger mess that will be harder to get out. Dealing with the spill immediately means that you have the best chance at just blotting the stain out without the need of  Flooring Express Tauranga can recommend the best carpet cleaners for your particular carpet type on request, as not all are made equal. Do not rub the stain with a damp cloth, as this works the discolouration deeper into the fibres of your carpet. Blog the carpet stain with a wet cloth instead until you have removed as much as you can. Only at this stage should you consider using a specific carpet cleaner to remove any stubborn staining such as coffee, red wine, chocolate or dirt. A top tip is to keep a handy stash of carpet cleaner in your home before a stain occurs, so you can treat it as quickly as possible – essential on white and cream carpets.

Over the years or with heavy foot or pet traffic, you may notice a snag or two appear on your carpet. Never pull on in, as that thread is attached to other thread lines and can be pulled out more than you intended, creating bald spots in your nice carpet. Instead, clip the snag evenly with sharp scissors to match the rest of the carpet neatly. This is especially important if you have pets that have a tendency to pull up the carpet or accidentally get a nail stuck in the fibres. Keep little sharp scissors on hand for any quick fixes. 

At least once a week, run your vacuum over your carpet, even if you can’t see any visible dirt or debris. Unseen dirt will still work its way into the fibres of your carpet without regular and effective vacuuming and will discolour your carpet over time (and harbour some pretty nasty stuff). Places that take more foot traffic or are used regularly will need more vacuuming than other parts of the house. 

If your home suffers from feeling humid and damp throughout the year, a dehumidifier works wonders in keeping dampness out of absorbent carpets, as well as your furniture. To avoid that slightly wet feel under your feet and the bacteria and mould that can result after a heavy season of rain or humid heat, making sure your room gets adequate sunlight, airflow and the help from a dehumidifier will make all the difference. Treating the problem after it has happened is a lot harder than preventing dampness from taking hold of your new carpet with measures in place like a dehumidifier or heater. More likely than not, a professional clean will be required if you discover your carpets have taken significant damage from water. If dampness has got at your Tauranga property flooring, then try sprinkling some baking soda over the wet spots, letting it dry, and then vacuuming it up. Baking soda absorbs moisture and bad odours – making it one of the most affordable and readily accessible ways to clean a huge number of things in your house – including your carpets. If the wetness was not severe, then you get fresh carpets to enjoy with this method and is a good cleaning practice for carpets that take a lot of action from pets. If the wetness persists or you start smelling a musty, damp scent, you’ll need to get in touch with a carpet specialist to get the problem resolved. If you need suggestions for cleaners, get in touch with our Tauranga flooring team and we’ll point you in the right direction!

Vinyl & Laminates

To keep your Tauranga Flooring looking brand new, you’ll want to grab some pH-neutral detergent and some warm water to get started on your vinyl floors. You will need to manually clean your vinyl floors if there is a lot of texture and if it needs a deep clean. Nylon brushes are great tools for scrubbing away dirt and debris, and after washing away the dirty water, give it another wash with fresh water and then wipe it down to dry with a clean, soft cloth. For general maintenance in a residential property, just warm water and a mild detergent will do just fine for mopping after a good sweep and vacuum. Try not to get your vinyl flooring plants too saturated with water or risk leaving them damp and struggling to dry. Spot cleans can be done with a damp soft cloth. 

Always check exactly what kind of wooden flooring you are about to clean, as each has its own best treatment. For general cleaning, the following is safe to bring a shine back to your wood. Start by efficiently sweeping and vacuuming to rid the floor of any loose debris and dust that will hinder your cleaning and get stuck in your mopping. Add 3-6 drops of washing up liquid to water or half a cup of white vinegar to a half-full bucket of lukewarm water, and start mopping with a gentle mop. Try to limit the amount of water you put on the wooden floor by properly squeezing out your mop. The best way to mop is to start in a corner of the room and work your way to another corner, leaving yourself an exit from the space to mop last to avoid walking over your clean floor before it’s dry. 

Take special care when cleaning laminate flooring, and consider purchasing specialist cleaners specifically for it. If you have none on hand, a teaspoon of baby shampoo or unscented dish soap in 4 litres of water should do the job for now for a good mop or scrub. Like with wood, try not to soak the laminate flooring and allow it to dry completely before walking over it. 


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