Buying Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring elevates your floors with style and durability

New Zealand laminate flooring, offers versatile solutions that are perfect for enhancing your floors. Whether you’re looking for residential or commercial laminate flooring, Flooring Express Tauranga sell the most popular brands in New Zealand at highly competitive prices. We stock Godfrey Hirst laminate flooring, Woodland Lifestyle and Jacobsen Flooring.

Laminate wood flooring is available in two primary installation styles, floating click-together laminate and direct glue-down. Each provides distinct advantages.

Craig outlines the advantages of each type below:

laminate oak

Floating click-together laminate

Laminate flooring with a floating click-together installation system is perfect for those seeking quick and hassle-free installation. This style is ideal for DIY enthusiasts and temporary flooring solutions, offering the flexibility to disassemble and reinstall as needed.

  • Quick and easy installation without adhesive
  • Ideal for DIY projects and temporary solutions
  • Can be disassembled and reinstalled if needed

Direct glue-down laminate

For spaces requiring maximum stability and moisture resistance, direct glue-down laminate flooring is the ideal choice. This installation method provides a solid underfoot feel and is suitable for high-traffic areas and commercial spaces.

  • Provides a solid underfoot feel and superior moisture resistance
  • Suitable for high-traffic areas and commercial spaces
  • Requires professional installation with adhesive

Choosing the right laminate thickness and grade

Laminate flooring is now available in a variety of thicknesses, widths, lengths and grades, each offering unique benefits which can be tailored to your specific floor application.

If you’re looking for an affordable laminate flooring for low-traffic areas in the home then consider the 8mm thick planks.  10mm planks are better suited to high-traffic areas and commercial use.

Laminate floor planks are available in 2 widths, the standard width plank creates a more traditional look whilst the extra wide planks look great in larger, more modern interior spaces. If you’re looking for a more seamless appearance then you can’t beat the extra-long laminate planks.

laminate flooring oak
laminate flooring titanium

Floating click-together laminate

8mm thickness

8mm laminate wood flooring provides an affordable yet durable flooring solution suitable for residential spaces with moderate foot traffic. These planks are perfect for bedrooms, living rooms and home offices, striking a balance between cost-effectiveness and longevity.

  • Affordable option for residential spaces with moderate foot traffic
  • Suitable for bedrooms, living rooms and home offices
  • Balances cost-effectiveness with durability

10mm thickness

For areas subjected to heavy foot traffic or commercial use, 10mm laminate wood flooring offers enhanced durability and stability. These thicker planks provide superior noise reduction and impact resistance, making them ideal for bustling commercial environments.

  • Enhanced durability and stability for high-traffic areas
  • Superior noise reduction and impact resistance
  • Ideal for commercial spaces requiring long-lasting performance


Standard width laminate floor planks

Standard width laminate plank flooring offers a traditional look and easy installation. Perfect for classic and timeless interiors, these planks provide versatility in design options while maintaining durability and elegance.

Extra wide laminate floor planks

 Create a modern and spacious appearance with extra wide plank flooring. These wider planks enhance the visual impact of large rooms and offer quick installation with fewer seams, perfect for contemporary interiors seeking a bold statement.

Extra long laminate floor planks

 Mimic the look of natural hardwood flooring with extra-long plank options. These elongated planks add elegance and sophistication to any space, providing a seamless and uninterrupted appearance for a truly luxurious finish.

Local stockists of laminate flooring in Tauranga

Our Gate Pa Flooring Express store proudly offers New Zealand’s most popular laminate flooring brands, each known for their quality
craftsmanship and innovative designs:

Godfrey Hirst Laminate

Godfrey Hirst laminate flooring offers superior quality and good looks. From the water repellence of Godfrey Hirst Legacy, to the grandeur of Godfrey Hirst Belle XL extra long laminate planks, Godfrey Hirst flooring creates stunning interiors with the practicality of laminate.

Woodland Lifestyle

Woodland Lifestyle laminate flooring stands out for its superb likeness to the natural materials it mimics. Feel the grain of Balterio Magnitude and appreciate the 25 year residential warranty and 12 year commercial warranty of the entire Woodland Lifestyle Balterio range.

Jacobsen Laminate Flooring

Jacobsen laminate flooring range Audacity features an authentic wood feel thanks to its embossed, in-register surface and is available in 12 timber colour options.

Explore laminate flooring options in Tauranga

Visit our Flooring Express Gate Pa showroom in Tauranga to explore the beauty and durability of laminate flooring.

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